Wednesday, November 28, 2007


This trip just gets better and better. So no details now, I'll let Misty do that, just know we're OK. But man, that HinRAF is a crazy outfit. That's Hindu Rights Action Force for the non SE Asianers and Hindus out there. For now, lets just say sunday in KL was an adventure, the riot made CNN here, not sure about the states. But again, a few tears and a sore throat is all that lingered and now we're in Pankgor Laut.

Ladies and gents, Pankgor Laut is breathtaking, and I don't use that term often. Misty's currently getting her grove on in the spa in some sort of disturbing (for the wallet :) ) 3 hour spa treatment. I just finished one of the toughest hikes foot for foot I've ever done, 3 KMs through heavy rainforest up a rain slick hill and back down. Humid as a 'mofo but one of the most fun things I've done on the trip. I was the only one to do it today, misquito bites and gallons of sweat aside, it was totally worth it.

This island is amazing. Beautiful beaches, great food and some of the coolest wildlife ever. We saw a family of sea otters playing, ginormous monitor lizards surfing onto the beach and sun bathing right outside our sea villa, last night we ate right next to a huge fruit bat who pulled up a branch next to our table and then there's the sleek gar fish and anchovies by the thousands and crabs and the unreal hornbills that fly everywhere. We saw 2 monkeys on the side of the road on the way here and hope tomorrow morning brings more of the bannana eating crazies to our door. Misty learned Batik painting an we're both having a great time.

Best. Vacation. Ever.

Tomorrow we spend the day at Pangkor Laut and then at night are driving to Penang for another stop on the trip.

Hope all is well with everyone... Sweet Sammy say'n Sawasdee people and have a great day.

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Jamie said...

I am in awe of this trip you all are on...glad you are having fun, and Sam, don't start any more riots! :)