Saturday, November 03, 2007

Food&Wine Fest & PIRATES!

We went away to Florida this past weekend to celebrate with some of our fave people. I got to spend an entire weekend with my "little sister" Sarah, not to mention Les and Andy, my parents and Cathy (Sarah's mom). We. Had. A. Blast.

Here are some highlights:

This is Sarah and I right before we got on the Tower of Terror. Sam campaigned all morning for her to join us, but I want to believe it was my pointing out I'd never ask her to do something on which she'd die that really sealed the deal.

On the way to the food and wine fest . . .

Ya'll. It's SO GOOD. I think everyone should meet us there next year. Anyone up for it?

Me and my favorite girl. (And yes, it's the next day and we went back. To EAT MORE.)

Almost all of us.

And, then, we were pirates!
Me and the Pirate Queen with our pirate faces.

Me with the most handsome pirate in the park.

More of our pirate crew. (Ya'll my parents went ALL OUT - it was awesome. As a group, we rocked, quite frankly.

IT was, to say the least, a great weekend.

I miss you guys already.


Jamie said...

Does you dad have a BEARD?!?!

I love it!

Leslie said...

Ahh I can't wait for next year. Little Newt will get to join the fun :)
It may have been the best weekend ever!

~m said...

Yep - he grew the beard specifically for his costume! Then shaved it off the minute we got home from the parks. He's dedicated to the cause, for sure.

:) Sam had a bunch of business meetings, so he was only scruffy - but still awesome.

We truly did have a blast. You shoudl come on down next year!