Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Well, the city of angels is just that. Everyone here is so very amazing. (And our hotel is to DIE FOR)

A quick run down as to what we've been up to so far -

1. Free Happy Hour, In-room Mini Bar and Breakfast at our hotel. :)

2. Rode the water taxi farther into to town, saw the amazing GIANT reclining buddha, and the temples surrounding.

3. Saw the "Happy Buddha"

4. Went through the Amulet Market. Haggled yet again. Got cool stuff.

5. Saw the HUGE standing Buddha.

6. Climbed Golden Mount. Watched the sun set over the city.

7. Wandered through Thai back alley and found cool old crazy man with his midget (wife? girlfriend? who stared really menacingly at us) and bought hand-made monk alms bowls.

8. Walked through the night flower market and Chinatown.

9. Watched the weirdest Mischa Barton and Jennifer Jason Leigh movie.

10. Traveled to the old city - saw old capital ruins, rode elephants - ate lunch at a little local restaurant all the cops ate at.

11. Did I mention RIDE ELEPHANTS?!

12. Had afternoon tea by the pool.

13. Checked emails and got you all up-to-date on WHY YOU MUST PLAN SIMILAR TRIPS!!

And we're not even done yet - there's so much I didn't mention, and so much more to come. It's breathtaking here. I can't wait to share pictures and more stories!

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