Saturday, November 24, 2007

The 'Pore

Ladies and gents, it's Sweet Sammy guest blogging from the lovely and disturbingly hot and humid realm known as Singapore!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, we tore it up in Bangkok and feasted on some of the best food I've ever had. Thank you Mikki for the Roti Mataba suggestion, AMAZING! And the Thai dinner was unreal too. I pounded some Singha beer and Misty got a new piercing! Yes, the back alleys of Bangkok treated us real respectable like.

Tons of other crazy stuff happened in Bangkok and we're already planning our return trip, Menam Riverside hotel, we salute you. Best - Hotel - Ever.

Anyway, now we're in the 'Pore and loving our relaxing halftime with Steven and Audry. They're our super cool and amazing friends and are the whole reason we came on this trip. Really, better people are not to be found. We're staying at their place and enjoying a local's view. Clarke Quey is a crazy cool place with giant man-wangs that hold up huge umbrella's for the outdoor clubbers... and Chinatown was great, Misty has really branched out on her food pyramid, I'm proud.

Tomorrow we head to Kuala Lumpur as we resume our trek across SE Asia. We've done so much and we're not even half way done, though that milestone will come on our swank bus ride through Maylasia, but we'll blog about that later.

We send our love to you all and highly recommend each of you take your own SE Asian adventure, we're not even half way done and I must say this is the greatest trip I've ever taken, and as my fans know, I've taken some doosies.



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