Monday, November 19, 2007

Greetings 1,300 miles from NYC

Hello, everyone!

Well, god bless free internet at the airport! :)

We just finished two days in Hong Kong and it was FABULOUS. There are no words to describe how amazing this trip is - and we still have over two weeks left!

Hong Kong was amazing, and beautiful and wonderfully kindred. It felt like home, but on the other side of the looking glass. I'll write more when we get back - but a couple notes -

1. My butt is too big for pretty much EVERY seat in the trains and buses. I am not asian, obviously. My western-ness has been made abundantly clear.

2. I am a language savant! I figured out the symbols for "exit now" within five minutes in the airport, and have been pointing them out everywhere I see them to Sam since.

3. Sam is not sick of me yet.

4. My ability to sleep anywhere at anytime is a super power, we have handeled the crazy time change with an amazing amount of grace.

5. I love love love it here. If we don't come back, know you now have a place to stay in Southeast Asia.

Miss you all, love you more - cannot wait to share pictures!

~misty (and sam)

PS FLying to Bangkok is possibly the coolest thing ever to do on your propose-a-versary. Ya'll should try it!

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Jamie said...

Your trip sounds fun, but it also sounds like it would give me diarrhea (because I am not the go-with-the-flow traveler that you are!)

You're my hero!