Friday, December 28, 2007


I wasn't sure what to write, or exactly how to say it. That and with so many loved ones to call, so many friends to tell in person - and yet it being such personal news . . .well, I just couldn't find the words right away.

That, and it seemed so precious. Something just for the two of us. Something that was just ours. Much like our vacation, it was something no one else knew. Something no one else could understand. Yes, others had been where we had been. Had seen what we had seen - but none like us. No one had our experience, our travels, our memories, our stories. It was just ours, that three weeks. Made all the more precious to me because.

And this was like that. I cherished holding it close. Having it just be ours. The looks I could give him, the squeeze of my hand he gave me. We sent emails back and forth, came home and planned and hoped and dreamed.

None of it felt real or safe - that it was all so magical and so unbelievable it might vanish as fast as it seemed to happen.

But, eventually, we shared our secret. One friend and family member at a time. The response of love and support has been overwhelming, exhilarating. Though, I will admit here, in our small home as we talk of furniture and rearranging and weeks and plans - it really is still ours.

Our precious, small news. Our new, precious small family.

Our soon-to-be new, small family of three.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Year, New Beginnings

So, it's been a crazy month or so. Sam and I returned from our trip to Asia exhausted, excited and renewed. I found out my job is being transferred of sorts to a new part of the company (a good, awesome part of it - whereas now I work in a part that just doesn't on a very basic level understand what I do, I'll be in a place that not just gets it - but VALUES it) and decided if ever I should be happy with my job it was now -

And so I went into my boss, told her what I know I'm worth and asked ever so politely that if she could work it out - title and compensation, I would stay. Otherwise I would give my two weeks in the coming year.

Within the week I was told it would happen - and while I'm not counting my chickens, things look very good for my professional life come January 2008.

Sam's job, is of course stellar, and he's being rewarded properly for it as well, giving us yet another reason to enjoy the city yet another year.

It seems, just when I think we'll go - something happens to make us stay.I'm not sure how it happens, but it always does. This city has truly become home to me, and I can't say I'm disappointed we're here for another year or so. Sitting in Montana watching "Elf" with Sam's family, all I could think was how much I missed my city all dressed up for the season, the energy that permeates this place unlike any other time of year . . .

And speaking of Montana, it was lovely. I got horribly sick, and wish I hadn't. But I did what I could to soldier through (though I did a lousy job of that). Regardless, it was three-plus days with family - lots of laughing, talking and eating - just like the holidays are supposed to be. I don't think I'll ever get used to not seeing my mom and dad over the holidays - but Sam's family is always so wonderful to me while I'm there it all but makes up.

And now we're home. Sam's at work and I'm sitting here surrounded by kleenex watching daytime tv and loving the fact I get this week off every year. Home, now, I feel worlds better and have no doubt that by early next week I'll be set and good as new.

I hope you all had wonderful holidays. It's crazy to me yet another year has flown by, but I guess I shoudl save that entry for new years. . .

Saturday, December 22, 2007


And, specifically today, Happy Solstice.

(And of course, Happy Christmas, and everything in between) We're off to Montana (it's currently three thirty in the morning (KILL ME NOW)to see Sam's family. (We had to get the first flight out in case there were weather delays)

I can't wait to get there, holidays with the Stiers clan are always a blast. Know I'll be thinking of all of you - tho more than likely there will be no proof of it here . . .no connection in the western land and all that.

Take care!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Doing my part to share

Holiday joy and laughter.

Fully aware that I'm probably years behind and you've already seen all this.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Ya'll. It's too bad I'm already Married.


From: Roberto (

Sent: Sun 12/16/07 11:02 PM

To: me(at)hotmail(dot com)

Reply back if interested in my proposal
of a marital life abroad with me in Paris
in your actual life.

Roberto (France)
See my full letter here:

I love spam somedays. Though I feel a little dirty with him calling me "baby" so soon. And, um, what does he mean my "ACTUAL" life?! Should I be offeded by that?


Saturday, December 08, 2007

8 Things

Okay, Em, here you go. . .

1. I'm deathly afraid of flying, my stomach gets upset just driving to the airport, but I love travel so much I just suck it up.

2. I am secretly 12 years old and will laugh until I cry at any conversation involving bodily functions. Or even inferring one.

3. I haven't done laundry in four years.

4. I hate shopping in stores. I would rather take the cahnce of having to mail something back. I order EVERYTHING online. (Hello, identity thieves!)

5. Once I start reading a book, I have to finish it no matter how much I hate it.

6. I can't not eat or drink at least some of whatever someone gives me - I feel obligated to be polite and not hurt their feelings. No matter what it is. (this recently led me to drink an entire two pots of tea in Bangkok as the kind woman KEPT FILLING IT BACK UP)

7. I hate trhe phone, which is no secret. I desperately miss all of my friends - but my fear of interrupting their lives needlessly and inconveniently keeps me from calling. Stupid and something I'm trying to work on. Til I get over this I'm getting a phone with better texting capabilities . . . I'm such a dork.

8. I'm making plans to seriously change my life in January. From soup to nuts. A sweeping, wholesome change. I'm looking forward to it and think it's gong to do some real good in my life. But details on that I can't quite share yet.

So I guess I'm saving number 8 til January.


Was it really stuff you didn't know? Hm. I doubt it. I'll try to do it again with more interesting stuff . . .

Monday, December 03, 2007

Home Again, Home Again

Well, here I am atthe Hong kong airport just like, oh, 17? 18? days ago. Sam's behind me reading sports, both of us struggling to fill the 10 hours we have left here (overnight, so some of that will be sleeping) before we get on the plane and head home.


I'm both excited and dismayed to be going back. But I feel liek I[ve gained a wonderful sense of what I want from life right now - I have a perspective and a balance that was certainly not with me when we first boarded the plane at JFK 3 weeks ago.

And my goal moving forward is to keep that balance, that focus.

This has been the most amazing month of my life. Sam and I successfully spent three solid weeks with just each other in not always non-harrowing experiences (did we mention the gassing? or how about the canceled flight that sent us on an 8 hour overnight car trip - involving TWO cars, as we had to cross the border at one point?!)and we did well. I knwo it sounds crazy to say, but I'm proud of us. I'm proud we managed to d oall we did - but even more - that we did so having fun the whole time. It makes me love him, and who we are together, even more than I did before.

It seems change is sweeping through the blogosphere of my friends and it all seems to be good. That makes me happy. Change is coming our way, too and it feels good.

Wow. When did we all become such grown-ups about things? (Let's ignore that time a month or so ago when I creid in the aisle of th esupermarket cause I couoldn't ea tanythign I wanted: i.e. sugar and pop).

Anyway, we'll be home soon. 10 more hours in the airport, 15 on the plane and then 428 here we come!

I can't wait toshare our photos and actual stories with all of you. And even more, I can't wait to here how you've been. While three weeks isn't near long enough to be gone from my current job - it's wa ytoo long to be away from all of you guys.

See you soon stateside!