Monday, December 03, 2007

Home Again, Home Again

Well, here I am atthe Hong kong airport just like, oh, 17? 18? days ago. Sam's behind me reading sports, both of us struggling to fill the 10 hours we have left here (overnight, so some of that will be sleeping) before we get on the plane and head home.


I'm both excited and dismayed to be going back. But I feel liek I[ve gained a wonderful sense of what I want from life right now - I have a perspective and a balance that was certainly not with me when we first boarded the plane at JFK 3 weeks ago.

And my goal moving forward is to keep that balance, that focus.

This has been the most amazing month of my life. Sam and I successfully spent three solid weeks with just each other in not always non-harrowing experiences (did we mention the gassing? or how about the canceled flight that sent us on an 8 hour overnight car trip - involving TWO cars, as we had to cross the border at one point?!)and we did well. I knwo it sounds crazy to say, but I'm proud of us. I'm proud we managed to d oall we did - but even more - that we did so having fun the whole time. It makes me love him, and who we are together, even more than I did before.

It seems change is sweeping through the blogosphere of my friends and it all seems to be good. That makes me happy. Change is coming our way, too and it feels good.

Wow. When did we all become such grown-ups about things? (Let's ignore that time a month or so ago when I creid in the aisle of th esupermarket cause I couoldn't ea tanythign I wanted: i.e. sugar and pop).

Anyway, we'll be home soon. 10 more hours in the airport, 15 on the plane and then 428 here we come!

I can't wait toshare our photos and actual stories with all of you. And even more, I can't wait to here how you've been. While three weeks isn't near long enough to be gone from my current job - it's wa ytoo long to be away from all of you guys.

See you soon stateside!


Leslie said...

I miss you! I feel the baby move now and we find out the sex tomorrow!

Can't wait to hear all your stories

Jen said...

Be safe, be safe, be safe!