Monday, April 03, 2006

Today really is Monday.

Got up, felt fine - got knocked on my ass with sickness. Still at work. AWESOME.

Received wedding album after much work and many weeks/months. Page missing. Cue hormonal instant tears.

BUT as of right now the Mets are ahead in their season opener and as this should not really affect me, it does, by association.(They won! Even better.)

AND in a mere five months Sam and I will be staying here:

And the next night here:

While driving by places like this:

And this:

And it will be green and lovely and awesomely Irish. And there will be castles and pagan stonecrafts and gaelic being spoken. And really, despite the crappy Monday, one can't help but be happy for all that.

In fact I can't be unhappy at just the sheer awesomeness of our planned travels this year. Starting with of course, the greatly under-rated Salina KS, followed by the ever-wonderful beachiness of the bahamas, a quick jaunt east to Ireland, than a turn-around-west lovely stay in the tropics of Hawaii.

Is this my life? I love it! Screw you, crappy Monday.

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