Friday, April 28, 2006

Six Months

He makes me toad-in-the-holes and thick strawberry smoothies for dinner.

He takes me to fancy dinners and broadway shows, all dressed up . . .because *I* like them.

He never tires of playing tourist with me, even when it means riding on a bus for an hour so I can see a new neighborhood.

He explains any question I have during a baseball game, not matter how intense the moment is.

He knows what I love to do, who I hope to be; and does everything in his power to help me make it real. Even when it's not easy.

He never gets tired of my worries and concerns. And he always has resolutions for them.

He hides love notes in my wallet next to my corporate card when I go on business trips.

He always gives me money for taxis in the morning to class, so I can sleep "ten more minutes."

He always makes the bed and feeds the cats.

He never complains, no matter how many times I ask him which shirt/dress/outfit looks better.

He treasures our albums of our life together, and by that, makes me feel treasured.

He reads the books I'm crazy about, and then talks to me at length about them.

He remembers my favorite artists.

He brings me subway sandwiches when I have to work late.

He never hesitates to be foolish with me.

He never lets me get too serious.

He lets me get mad and vent and complain about my job, but never makes me feel bad for always going back.

He reminds me of what I'm good at.

He gives me piggy-back rides when my feet hurt. Up four flights of stairs.

He listens to me plan endlessly for our "someday" house. He remembers what I say.

He tucks me in, every night, with a kiss.

When one of my dear friends is having a hard time, he always always always offers to send me there. Tomorrow. No matter the distance.

He hides little chocolates in my lunches.

He laughs at my jokes.

He always tells me I'm the prettiest/coolest girl in the room. And I believe he really thinks so.

He goes with me to the doctor when I'm scared.

He walks endlessly through Williams and Sonoma as I wander about planning elaborate "someday" meals.

He knows sometimes when I cry I don't always have a specific reason, and he holds me and hands me kleenex until I feel better.

He knows sometimes when I laugh tears stream down my face and he takes special joy out of it when that happens. And tries to make that happen on a regular basis.

He cares for me, openly and honestly, and never goes one day without repeatedly telling me he loves me dearly.

He's my best friend, my favorite person, my one true love. And I am blessed every day for being able to share his life. He has made my life inexplicably better, richer . . . happier. I did not know how wonderful, truly, life could be before I met him.

He is my husband. I am his wife.

Never have words held such promise to me.


Jamie said...

He's a keeper!

SS said...

And the craziest part is... I'M the lucky one. Here's to at least 80 more 6 months of married blizzis!

Anonymous said...

You're going to make me cry!

Happy (almost) half-anniversary!


The Balm Squad

~m said...

Thanks, Balm Squad! :)

cgilch78 said...

Congrats on 6 months! In honor of your achievement, I have racked my braing to think of some things that I like about Sam:

-He is always 'game'
-He can drink any human I know under the table.
-When you are not sleepy, he will stay up with you all night long.
-He knows how to finagle more vacations days, minutes, seconds out of 2 weeks vacation that any other person who has walked the planet.
-He will love Misty, her crazy friends and all of his family for eternity...and that is a really long time.

frazzledmom said...

Something about those great Hagen (Stiers- well he is also a Hagen) men!. They are loyal to the end. You taught me many things about Sam in that post - How did they manage to clone Jeff. We are lucky girls. Jeff also takes all the time to explain about baseball - now I actually enjoy watching and can tell the difference between pitchers and how different pitchers pitch the ball. Congrats on 6 months - I am sure you will be able to say those same things in 50 years!.

Leslie said...

Congratulations. I was listening to your wedding songs today with Andy and telling him what an incredible day it was. Thank you for letting me be a part of the magic!