Thursday, April 20, 2006

Things I Love

No time yesterday, but making time today . . . :)

the sound of birds chirping at my window
the taste of a vanilla cherry-dipped cone in the summer
sand between my toes
the smell of turpentine
a strong clean wind
open spaces
christmas in the city
movies with popcorn and pop
celebrating days-a-versaries with Sam
hearing hagen say "aunt kittie"
riding with the top down on an endless highway, music as loud as it can get
dancing barefoot in my living room
lying in the sun
holidays, any and all
especially Halloween
sitting next to my husbad at baseball games
getting all dressed up and going out
early mornings/late nights with good friends
being funny enough to make sarah snort when she laughs
family gatherings
walking the city to the music on my iPOD
new brightly colored shoes
curious george
the sound of a child's laugh
hearing little sarah say "i love you to the moon and back!"
that first hug when you've been away from home too long
eatting breakfast with Sam on a weekday morning
disney rice krispie treats
central park zoo
the smell of cinnamon
waking up in a house knowing good friends are in the next room
polar bears, monkeys, tiny birds
preparing a meal and setting a table for people I love
taking a nap on my made bed on a lazy afternoon
doing good work
orange lilies and daisies
planning adventures
reading a compelling book - becoming totally engrossed in it
that moment in class where I know I've reached someone
feeling healthy
Sam's laugh
vanilla ice cream with Hershey's syrup
wandering through a museum
dancing stuffed Stitches
star-filled skies
"Sunflower Sutra"
falling asleep in Sam's arms
flying over Manhattan; coming home


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frazzledmom said...

what are dancing stuffed stitches - is that from Lilo and Stitch? Also, Isn't it great that we have such a good friend to inspire us to appreciate, write down and think about things that we love!