Sunday, April 30, 2006

Progress, because I promised

It's still very rough, still has a lot of work - but an hour or two added has left it here.

(Carrie - is this enough to be properly excused earlier in the week? :) )


cock-eyed photo of the whole painting

Did I mention the whole lot of work left to be done? I cannot stress that enough. But I figured I owed you a progress report. Hope your weeknds went well too. I'll write more on mine tomorrow. I just feel awesome to have done just this hour or so of work on this right now, let alone truly enjoyed all the time previous. I'd forgotten how wonderful weekends were!


jamie said...

You amaze me. When I look at the things you paint, it's like seeing the best parts of you on canvas.
Love it.

cgilch78 said...

For. Sure. I am drooling. Fabulous.