Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Moving on, Somehow

Well, it's been a rough time of it lately. I feel like my heart's been torn out of my chest and haven't much wanted to talk about (or to) the outside world.

Last week was insane, and I still feel like I'm mourning. There seemed to be no time for it - it was my last week at Ogilvy and my friends turned out full force to throw me a going away/ baby shower party and it was amazing. Then we had friends in from out of town all weekend; and between no sleep, very little to eat and a general constant striving to be happy and normal -- I'm wiped.

I had Monday and Tuesday off, and yesterday was the first full day of my new job. It's very cool so far, and the people I work most closely with are pretty awesome.

I even have an office! With windows! I share it, but that's okay. I'm actually quite enjoying it.

just goes to show I guess that sometimes you amke a decision contrary to what seems like common sense and it ends up being the absolute best thing you could do.

But more on that later. Promise.


SS said...

You're free... I demand a poop blog!

Jan said...

Ummm, poop blog?

Hope you're feeling better soon. Congrats on windows!!! And I glad you like the people you work with, although they could never be as cool as those at the campus store...

Take it easy and take great care of Misty Part Deux.

Skye said...

Oh my dear - so much has happened, good and bad, in so little time! I'm glad you took time off and right enough, you have to go on... but be gentle to yourself and take lots of down time.