Monday, April 21, 2008

Coming Soon

My friends Leslie and Andy are eagerly awaiting the arrival of little Adaela right now. She should be joining us here in this spring-induced world any day now, and part of me can't help but think the whole world is getting ready for her; trees blossoming and birds coming out of the winter-harbored silence.

I'm so excited for them. They're two of the greatest people know and will make the most amazing parents. I know that little girl will grow up in a home filled with love and laughter - and I can't imagine anything more wonderful.

It breaks my heart we're so far away - but it also sends me to the moon with joy to think our daughters will grow up together. That they will look forward to Halloweens in Orlando, with all the adults dressing up as silly-as-they-dare to go trick or treating with them. That they will tromp through Central Park in the fall together, hearing stories of when mom and dad lived there. How wonderful and hard and fun and amazing it was.

They will hear about how the moms were friends, even before there were dads. How they met in Chipotle to discuss heartbreak and hope. How they grew up together, without each other somehow - and then the world decided they needed each other and crossed their paths.

How it's just an example of how you should trust your path. How the higher power up there, whomever he or she might be, is truly looking out for all of us.

Because look! Look at our little found-family!

I can't wait.

So, Little Adaela, be kind to your mommy and daddy. I know they shall be ever so kind to you.

And know, know in your deepest heart of hearts, you have another family you might not see right away - or even very often - that loves you deeply. That prays for you in their own strange way. That couldn't be more excited to see you, to meet you - to shower you with kisses and tickles and hugs.

That adores you already.

Godspeed, little A. The world waits in joyous anticipation. Our garden is full of soft green grass and tulips, the birds have been singing - even the gray skies of our great city have turned blue for you.

See you soon!

(P.S. I don't know how I look so pregnant in the above photo, tho it's possible the gods shone down us for it, as it would be the only "both of us preggers!" pic Les and I would be able to take. It seems me looking pregnant has something to do with the planets' alignment, what day of the week it is and the just right outfit. Odd, I know. But true.)


Jan said...

Beautiful piece. Adaela will be lucky to have you in her life.

And in other news, your belly is beautiful!! I just have one gripe, how is it that you two are so much farther along than me and my belly is just as big(and uncomfortable) as yours if not bigger? Must be 2nd child syndrome. In all seriousness, more pregnant Misty pics please!!

~m said...

Ha. Strangely I don't look very pregnant TODAY for example. Just weirdly chubby.

We went through all our Paris pics to find one where I looked pregnant to no avail.

I'm obviously not trying hard enough. :)

oh, and it's because you have GIANTS for children! (Good thing they're so gosh darn absolutely adorable . . . - send pics of Alphabit, I'll send pics of me :) )

Leslie said...

Ahh Misty,that was beautiful!

I love that I am "little Leslie" and she can be "little A". I love that and I love you all!