Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Good-bye My Sweet Girl

Today Misty and I said good-bye to a dear friend and a big part of our family. We had to put Mucha to sleep.

For those who didn't get the chance to meet her, she was simply a loving, always there for you best friend. I was never a cat person before I met her, but she had my heart soon after I moved to NYC. I already miss having her curl up on my lap and meow at me when something wasn't going her way. She'd clean your fingers and make sure you were ok. She wiggled her butt right before she pounced on her woobie, which she would place in her food bowl as soon as you were done playing.

She was a friend, a buddy and a love of my life. I miss you sweet girl and am glad you're watching over us, you will always have a place in our hearts. All my love.



Skye said...

Look at that cute little FACE - goodbye little one, and may you find joy wherever you are!

I'm sorry that she had to go, you guys. I'm thinking of you two tonight - *hugs*.

Jen said...


So hard to do. I'm sorry, guys.

Jamie said...

I can't even really imagine how you guys feel right now. Sending much love your way.

Carrie Gilchrist said...

I am so sorry. That loss is such a heartbreak. Thinking about you both!

alberto said...

So sorry about Mucha, she was such a great a cat. I have fond memories of her from when you got her, named her and simply hanging out with her. Beautiful cat with an M on her for head.

Again sorry about your loss.