Thursday, April 24, 2008

Samaire Alice Stiers... it's got a nice ring to it!

Alice Stiers was my grandmother, my dad's mom. She was sweet and sassy and sincere, all the best traits wrapped into one amazing woman. It's hard to describe my grandmother to someone who never met her and harder still to let people know just how huge an impact she made on me and how much I still miss her. The fact that my daughter will have Alice as her middle name fills me with a crazy amount of joy.

Alice was everything a grandmother should be. She had a boisterous laugh that would always make you smile, a powerful hug that at once made you feel at home, she was a great cook who made the best birthday cakes ever, she had unlimited patience (she put up with me, and yes, I was as big a smart-ass as a kid as I am now), and she gave an unlimited amount love, she adored and loved her family as much as anyone ever has, and it always showed.

I was lucky enough to know my grandmother for 23 years. One of my most prized possessions is a small stuffed bear she made me when I was born. Alice died of Parkinson’s in 2001 and the last several years of her life were not easy, but she never became overly negative or sad... I've met few people in this world stronger than Alice. Even in the roughest times, when she couldn't speak she would listen. When I would talk with her and tell her about my life I could tell she was drinking in every word with pride and love for her grandson. I've met few people in this world who are genuine 100% of the time, she was one.

One of the greatest compliments I've ever heard about Misty and I came from my grandfather when he told my dad that of everyone he'd known, Misty and I were most like he and Alice. They loved each other with a passion and dedication and friendship that puts the greatest romantic poems, movies and stories to shame.

Everything I could wish my daughter to be was embodied by my grandmother; kind, sassy, funny, outgoing, loving, respectful, smart, strong and talented (she played piano, sang and did I mention the amazing cook part). No parent can determine how their child will end up, you do your best and hope it all works out, and I know Samaire will have a part of Alice in her regardless of having her name, but I can't think of a better tribute to one of my favorite people and a better start to my newest love's life.

I love you both. Samaire - Alice, you'd of loved each other.


Jamie said...

...aaand now I'm crying at work. Embarassing!

Leslie said...

Sam that was touching and beautiful. Your Grandmother sounds like an incredible lady and she has to be to have such a great Grandson.

Brandi said...

Sam, I thought that was really sweet, too. So unlike that Natty Light chugging Sam of yesteryear. But in that one picture with all the Cabbage Patch dolls...are you the kid on the far left?

~m said...

Sam is second from the left.