Thursday, April 03, 2008


" . . .When we bring that daring side of our selves to the fore, we not only grow as human beings, we increase the chances of stumbling on something that makes true social change possible. . . "

This is awesome.

And between reading this article and having a friend is is willing to step out on that limb as well . . . I'm dedicating my next year to re-finding the artist I am.

I want Maire to learn about what it means to find your way, to dream, to be your true self. To live an authentic life.

And I want her to learn it by seeing me do it. I want it to be real for her.

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Skye said...

OH! Of course my heart sings for this, and I hope it will be true! It is a hard road and to other people it looks like lots of things it isn't (selfishness, mania, waste of time) but YOU, on the road, know what it really is!

I'm with you in this, I hope you know. Even through bleh, Art History! ;)