Friday, December 28, 2007


I wasn't sure what to write, or exactly how to say it. That and with so many loved ones to call, so many friends to tell in person - and yet it being such personal news . . .well, I just couldn't find the words right away.

That, and it seemed so precious. Something just for the two of us. Something that was just ours. Much like our vacation, it was something no one else knew. Something no one else could understand. Yes, others had been where we had been. Had seen what we had seen - but none like us. No one had our experience, our travels, our memories, our stories. It was just ours, that three weeks. Made all the more precious to me because.

And this was like that. I cherished holding it close. Having it just be ours. The looks I could give him, the squeeze of my hand he gave me. We sent emails back and forth, came home and planned and hoped and dreamed.

None of it felt real or safe - that it was all so magical and so unbelievable it might vanish as fast as it seemed to happen.

But, eventually, we shared our secret. One friend and family member at a time. The response of love and support has been overwhelming, exhilarating. Though, I will admit here, in our small home as we talk of furniture and rearranging and weeks and plans - it really is still ours.

Our precious, small news. Our new, precious small family.

Our soon-to-be new, small family of three.


Anonymous said...

I love you two so much. You have no idea how happy this makes me, my heart wants to burst. :)


Skye said...

This means everything! Congrats, and oh my - this news made me giggle!

Thank you for sharing it with me

frazzledmom said...

WOW! We were so happy when we heard the news. OMG - Sam Stiers a dad! That will be interesting. Can't wait to read all the details of pregnancy on your blog. If you need any info - I've done it twice before!

Laurie said...

Congrats again. It was great to see you two and hopefully we will see you before the little one shows up. Happy New Year, thanks for making one of my dreams come true!

Anonymous said...

WOW! How amazing - I can't believe we are this grown-up that these kind of things are happening. I can't wait until your little angel can be a member of the Porch Back Boys -- or what the hell is Sam and Tim's band called? Anyway, your kid is going to be completely awesome. I'm looking forward to pregnancy blogs...

-- Amanda

Anonymous said...

Misty and Sam, it was great to see both of you and a big CONGRATs! You will make awesome parents. Just think of all the fun things you will get to share with your little one. If they are anything close to the fun we had, that kid is in for one exciting life. Hope to see you in the spring.