Monday, December 17, 2007

Ya'll. It's too bad I'm already Married.


From: Roberto (

Sent: Sun 12/16/07 11:02 PM

To: me(at)hotmail(dot com)

Reply back if interested in my proposal
of a marital life abroad with me in Paris
in your actual life.

Roberto (France)
See my full letter here:

I love spam somedays. Though I feel a little dirty with him calling me "baby" so soon. And, um, what does he mean my "ACTUAL" life?! Should I be offeded by that?



Skye said...

Oh don't bother to respond to Roberto: I've already sent him a letter (and picture of my feet, as he requested) and I feel sure that he'll fly me over very soon so he can fertilize me.

I'm going to live in PARIS, how wonderful!!!

Anonymous said...

too sad


Anonymous said...

So how are you sweetheart ?

Do you think you look wise with the topic below & a rabbit's hat on your head ?
It's as original as the content of your brain .. . Mind pollution .. . & pure Vanity .. .

I effectively had asked to reply "IF" interested .. . real spam, is emails with fake from
addresses, & @marketing, i never emailed u back on a daily basis, & the other retard
who replied on that blog is practicing infantile mockery, which is retarded.

I understand that you weren't interested that's why i asked to reply only,
if interested, nevertheless, it wasn't a motive to act like a retard & post
what was a private message publicly, if your private life was posted
publicly & in details, i'm not sure you'd appreciate that, but
i guess you haven't finished your childhood .. .

The result of your infantile act, is that real spamming companies
using real email spiders that collect emails online are collecting mine
as well & flooding me with marketing spam which is filtered by personal
html filters, but the idea kinda displeases me, along with the retarded
attitude .. . from ur part, when there was no form of animosity, nor
aggressivity from my part at the time i had proposed you a relationship,
some people are looking, others not .. . i'm not gonna teach you life,
my search is legitimate .. .

Let's make it simple since you're wise enough to have recopyed my email address
on that blog & typed yours like this: me(at)hotmail(dot com)

You are just showing me that you love privacy .. .

I'm gonna be simple with you to close this matter,
get that page removed since you're the only aggressive
& abusive person here .. . because you're not interested,
it's not a reason to mock people publicly .. .

Or, i'll make sure to post your real e-mail address on various
websites, forums and company .. .

To make you see what having our email crawled & spidered & collected
by @companies for marketing mass spamming MEANS & IS ......... .

& trust me that i'll keep my promise, it'll be posted in so
many places that getting it removed will be impossible.

So act like an adult, which is a judicious suggestion from my part,
or you'll soon learn that, REJECTION IS A MERIT, LIKE ABUSE .. .

Not being interested in intimate relations is legitimate, mocking
& abusing people for that reason is the act of a 12 year old
Inbred .. .

Since you feel a lil pleasure in mocking, abusing & allowing
the exposure of personal info for indirect public abuses,
there's no reason why you shouldn't be abused either,
i proceed by logic, i'm a very logical person, a lot more
logical than the infantile content you posted about me.
make sure i'll reveal your real address to @marketers,
if this stupid post isn't removed, before 2 days. & 2 days
is enough, since you're even actually online. you have
time to spoil in complete vanity & harassment, i can spoil
it on you too & give you the money back. you can rely on this.


Anonymous said...

Lola Rastaquere December 28 at 5:14pm via facebook
Or is it your sweet husband who advised you to keep up
with the abuses ?.. . either him or you, you can already
get rid of your e-mail account, on or two will be transmitted
in my way to marketers, it takes a lil time to acquire those emails
for them since they don't always update their mailing lists through
mining campaigns, but for your info, & you won't forget this, those
companies use proxies, sometimes proxies that are deleted, & some
of the countries who tolerate their crap will deny foreign complaints,
because those marketers support hosters financially .. . You learn
everyday, you, with your rabbit's hat & nonsense xenophobic
attitude on that blog .. . Cause reporting a guy who makes a pass
at girls around the web is a modern form of xenophobia associated
with eccentricity, vain & immature free hatred. It's totally anti-social
& some people don't know your marital status before contacting you,
inbred. When some married women would have responded with
a smile & kind attitude that they're engaged. But i couldn't expect
a minimum of common sense from your part after my initial
message like from the guy at the administration of facebook
who disabled a random account cause he must have a dick
at the place of a brain & doesn't even care to see where the
abuse is .. . cause with a dick at the place of a brain, he ain't
getting the stupid cunt you are, seein' ? this is again another
form of vanity & retarded attitude. I know how to deal with
real spam from marketers through complex html filters,
but in your case, you'll have to change your email account(s)
or deal with suppressing marketing email on a daily basis &
in mass from your inbox as well as your spam folder .. .
& trust me, your opt-out requests will fail at 85%,
for the rest of your days, unless you get rid of those
e-mails. This is because you decided to play the "abuse
is fun" card .. . With a minimum of common sense,

Last e-mail .. . Enjoy your future web experience.
& I won't ask you to remove this post & third time,
this is the last time i give you 2 days of
"REFLECTION", if you ever have a .. .


Ps: Rejection is a merit.