Wednesday, October 18, 2006


In honor of my friend Joe's Art Wednesday on his blog, I'm dedicating today's entry to one of MY favorite artists, because it coincides with the one he chose to highlight today.

Egon Schiele

"Egon Schiele was regarded by many of his contemporaries as the predestined successor to Gustav Klimt, but died before he could fulfil his promise.

In 1907 Schiele sought out Klimt, his idol, to show him some of his drawings. Did they show talent? 'Yes,' Klimt replied. 'Much too much!' Klimt liked to encourage younger artists, and he continued to take an interest in this gifted young man, buying his drawings, or offering to exchange them for some of his own, arranging models for him and introducing him to potential patrons."

Klimt's influence on Schiele's work is obvious, while at the same time, young Schiele left a mark on the art world that was all his own. His story, in fact, is as interesting as his work. I'd suggest anyone to check him out, he's a true dramatic and enticing artist. One whose work is an obvious influence on my own.

Who's one of your favorite artists?


SS said...

Schiele is crazy cool... he's got some good stuff. Thou I still prefer that black-ass cat of the same name!

Joe said...

That is cool Mist... I will check him out for sure.