Friday, October 13, 2006


What a night!

I've been lucky enough to go to all three Mets' home playoff games this year (unlucky enough to not be able to go tonight... stupid weather) and last night was the most intense game yet. I show up and walk in with Dave Winfield, cause come playoff time everyone's a peon, he's just a BEAST of a peon.

It's almost impossible to explain playoff baseball. It's why I was so excited I was able to take Misty to one game this postseason. It's SO intense. You live and die with every pitch. I wish I could have gotten my buddy Ryan to the game, then it would have been complete, even though he's a Cards fan and all of me is wishing for his heart to get broken... sorry buddy, we still cool, but that's the way I roll, ha.

Anyway, we sit down an hour before the game and it's already madness. My buddy John C's tickets are PHAT seats (Loge level, third base side). They are however right next to the visiting team's section, so 15 feet away are all the Cardinal player's families and friends. Behind us, 7-8 young 20-somethings who unleash the taunting before BP is even over... welcome to New York!

The game starts and it's pandimoneum. They introduce the players and the place goes nuts for each Met, from the assistant trainers to Pedro to Cliffy. I expected a good game, but not a pitching dual. I won't recap the game, but it was amazing, great pitching on both sides and amazing defense by the Mets... Paired with the second dumbest baserunning mistake I've seen (#1 is that tool JD Drew) thanks Albert, I doubt you will, but if you could keep sucking that'd be great.

The game winning home run by Carlos was one of the highlights of my sports life. An absolute assasination of a baseball. I'm not sure what Tony LaRussa did to Carlos Beltran's family, but he should really apologize, cause Carlos just KILLS the Cards.

The second highlight of the game was when John Rodriguez pinch hits in the 8th. His family and friends were loud and talked smack all game, including mocking Endy Chavez (which could get you killed in Flushing). So he's announced and they start hollering and jumping up and down. The kids in our section go off, starting chants, mocking them, hilarious. And Mota strikes him out, we go crazy. Now you'd think with all this smack talking there'd be hard feelings, but not so. I've only seen smack flying back and forth like this at the Subway series games, but this ended without bloodshed. In fact after the inning, two of the loudest Cards fans were asked up to where the loudest Mets fans were and they took pics with each other. It was a ton of fun, gotta love baseball.

Needless to say it was an amazing night. Bummed I can't go tonight to watch Carp v Maine, but hopefully the Mets will continue their postseason winning ways. Huge game, GO METS!

Still nervous, still excited and loving every minute of October baseball.

Mets 1-0

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