Thursday, October 12, 2006

Sam's Famous!

First, he got to talk to MARGOT ADLER, which makes me ever so jealous. I feel like it shoudl make up for the game being cancelled, but I fear his opinion differs, alas.

Regardless, here's my love on NPR. :)

News of Crash Brings Flood of Emotion in New York

I have more to say on what happened yesterday, but really all it comes down to is I've been having a really rough time lately - and I just don't have the energy to put forth on it. What I can do however is say I love this city and all it stands for, all it's given me and all it's challenged me with. And despite the split second of fear that sometimes comes with living here, I wouldn't' give it up for the world.


Jamie said...

Holy crap, that was cool! I mean, Sam on the radio is cool...all that other stuff-not so cool.

Jen Balmer said...

Why is it that EVERY TIME I've ever heard Sam on the radio - even on NPR from NY - it's about sports?

(I Kid. That was cool and respectful; you make us proud.) ;)