Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Okay, I join Karen in my excitement on this one.

Who wants to fly to NYC to go see this with me?


I'm still in search of the new magical movie. You know the ones - Labrynth, Dark Crystal . . . maybe it's a combination of my age when I saw them and my wonder that such things still might be possible . . . I don't know. But seeing a preview like this makes me think those movies still might continue on - along with that wonderful, amazing feeling that anything is possible - that there's magic at my fingertips . . .


SS said...

That's freak'n SWEET! I'm in.

Jen Balmer said...

Jon made me watch the preview last night. He's in, I'm sure, so I'm in, because, well, why wouldn't I be?

We'll check on flights. ;)