Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Disney for the Weekend

So, we left for Florida after work Friday and returned Sunday afternoon. It was a short trip and the traveling part of it left a lot to be desired (P.S. Karma, I expect you to shine loveliness on us all the way to Hawaii and back) - but we packed in so much fun we could have been there twice as long.

First, we got to see Andy and Leslie, possibly our fave couple to hang out with ever. Top two, at least. They once again showed up to the Orlando airport in the middle of the night to get us with smiles and hugs and not one ounce of bitterness. They are the best airport welcome ever.

We had a little bit of drama the next morning but after hours of adventure we finally got to EPCOT, and the whole reason we were traveling insane amounts in very small periods of time - Sam's family, and more specifically his sister Leslie's birthday.

And boy, did we celebrate. EPCOT center was having thier food and wine festival, and while there were rides ridden, we basically just ate and drank our way throught the day. MUCH fun was had . . .

Loni and I realizing we are, of course, long lost friends.


It was good, good, times. There are more pictures, but of course, OTHER people took them. Ha. I'm swearing NOW to be better about the picture taking this week in Hawaii. . . .

Sunday we went to Animal Kingdom, Sam and my's favorite park. We got up super early to be there EXACTLY at 9am to meet everyone, and then looked at animals and such while waiting for everyone else to get there. And we took our requisite self-portraits:

Once everyone got there we did ALL the major rides. Sam and Leslie RAN through the park to get everyone fast passes for the Everest ride (which was ever so cool) and then immediately we all went on the safari.

It was so very cool.

We also rode the Dinosaur ride, which was the first time we really had to wait in line for any length of time. This allowed us plenty of time to take pictures, and turned out to be a truly golden opportunity.

oh no! a dinosaur!

ben and the dinosaur

mike refusing to play our reindeer games with the dinosaur

feeding the dinosaur beer

We had a great time, obviously.

It was wonderful fun to see so much of Sam's family (Angie, Ben's wife being horribly missed) and it only made me even more excited for our cruise in January, and our trip back to Kansas in December. On our trip home I got horribly sick at the airport and even stayed home from work the next morning, but it was all worth it. I adore my newly-aquired family, and seeing them this weekend was the perfect treat after a long, hard week at work.

Happy Birthday, Leslie! May they all be this fun.

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