Monday, February 20, 2006

One helluva a week

Sorry it's been so long, real posts to come post haste. I, unfortunately, had the week from hell last week.

(Of course the wedding was lovely, just exhausting. I much prefer the kinds you just show up to. :) But it was fun to be able to help out, and I hope Ben and Ang got the reception they'd been hoping for.)

So, yeah, we leave Houston Tuesday afternoon and don't get home 'til after midnight. Where, when checking my voicemaill and email I learn I'm leaving for Chicago at 5:45 am. Awesome. So, after three hours of sleep I pack (after you know, UNpacking) and head back out. Happy First Married Valentine's Day.

I get to Chicago and stay the night. Two days during which I constantly wonder why, exactly, I needed to be there. I have a lot to say about what transpired on this trip, none of which would be appropriate in a public setting. I can however tell you what DID NOT transpire. Meetings-up. With my wonderful Chicago friends. They have lives and I had work and it all seemed to happen at once. Suck.

So I finally get ready to leave Thursday - only to find out EVERYONE else is booked out of Midway and I am out of O'Hare. I don't even have to finish this part, do I? Yes, that's right - while the rest of them settled into bed after a couple long days of work I was STILL IN CHICAGO. AT THE AIRPORT. I left after 11pm. Got home even later, went to work the next morning.

I am bitter about this trip. I cannot even put words to it.

So, I slept until 5pm Saturday. Yes, that's right. Five in the PM. Then my real life began again, and oh, how I missed it.

And work in Chicago? That's right. Suck it.

And New York and my husband? I'd rather not leave you ever ever again. Thanks.

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