Thursday, February 02, 2006


Famous People I have met (meaning I talked to them for some length of time):
Hulk Hogan
Cliff Floyd
Allen Ginsberg
William Burroughs
Lauren Bacall
Eric Idle
Dudley Moore
James Gurney

Famous People I have sat close to:
Paul McCartney
Maya Angelou
Mary Tyler Moore
Ethan Hawk (twice)*
Sean Penn*
Elizabeth (the girl from the stripper movie)*
Paul Rudd (who is a Chiefs fan and watches the games at the same bar as us)*

Famous People I Work Out With, or, At Least - Near:
Alan Cumming

Famous People Sam Sees Everytime He Meets Me at My Work:
Jay Z

Famous People who waved to me so enthusiastically from their Thanksgiving Day Float they obviously are enamored with me:
Clay Aiken

Famous Autographs I had, but Threw Away because I didn't Realize They were Cool:
John Cash

*These are living on NYC experiences which I feel like shouldn't count. I mean we're starting to see Ethan Hawk so often he's becoming more like that crazy guy that hangs out at the Bodega on the corner than some famous guy. And I probably walk by tons of famous people and never know it here. I'm completely oblivious most of the time.


Sweet Sammy said...

No Alec Cummings reference!?!?! You work out with him! And no Jay-Z reference, you WORK near him... I can't NOT see Jay-Z when I wait for you after work.

~m said...

Corrected to show your edits. :) And I added Paul Rudd - how can YOU forget about HIM!?!