Monday, February 06, 2006

It's Official, Mrs. Stiers

So today I transversed the first series of what will be many buerocratic organizations to change my name. DMV, SS office, Bank. It troubles me somewhat that the hard one was the bank. I mean, it felt like I had to do NOTHING to get a new social security card. The guy was like, "so whinja' get hitched? Congrats." I wanted very much to give a sarcastic answer to all the people today that asked WHY I was changing my name. I kept wondering if they would let me do it no matter WHAT my reason is. I mean, if they have to ask - are there standards?

Anyway - if you're ever in New York and want a true tour of the crazies, head down the street from our apartment to the SS office. Dear LORD. I haven't seen that many disgruntled, dirty people EVER. And, it is notable that I had just left the NEW YORK STATE DMV office.

Anyway - I have lots to say about changing my name. But that's another long long entry. For now, i just wanted to annouce that it's official.

I am now, according to both the state and federal governments: Misty Bell Stiers

And as much as it's going to take a while to get used to, I think I like it.


jamie said...

Yay! Now I shall refer to you as Mrs. B.S!!


~m said...