Friday, February 10, 2006

I have started this 100 times

I keep starting the post I shall write about changing my name and then trashing it because I'm afraid it will sound wrong, or like I didn't want to or whatever. I've now decided worrying that much is ridiculous.

It is coming post-haste. Non-edited. Consider yourself warned. :)

AND, it's probably not coming too soon. As w'eve got a wedding going on and are up to our armpits in it, and work is trying to see how exactly much I can get done in the seven hours left before i'm gone for two days and PS is it possible to be slated full-time on three seperate projects? Seriously, the math is failing me . . .

And PPS - Chicago crew - I shall see you soon! Workign on too many projects at once has ONE benefit. Trips back to the midwest.

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