Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Wednesday, Still Boring

Ya'll? All this working out and eatting right makes me TYE-RED.
So I've not been updating like I should. AND I've been futzing with the layouts for our wedding album, and after consulting Joyce and Grace - designer GODDESSES that I work with - I believe it's done. And dear lord, am I excited. I think it's going to be beautiful and I want it in my hot grubby little hands



But alas, it has to be, well, printed. So it will be a while before I can carry it around EVERYWHERE and make everyone tell me what a pretty pretty princess I was.

Also, I've been longing after a puppy. We passed one the other night on our corner, and there he was in all his cuteness - MY PUPPY, Bosselman. Bosselmann is a French Bulldog and white with black spots. I shall dress him in sweaters and little hats. Here let me show you his ultimate cuteness:

Okay, so I don't get to have a puppy - but if I DID, this would totally be him. And I *would* totally dress him up. And if we get him from a breeder, his full name will be Grandma Max Bosselman, becasue he will have to have three names. Yes, for a boy. Grandma. Shut up. You can name YOUR dog whatever you want.

Well, that covers my life lately, wedding albums, working out, imaginary puppies. How have you been?

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