Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Things I Look So Forward To In 2006 I May Burst

1. Ben and Angie are getting Married! Woot!
Sam's brother Ben, whom I adore, is marrying his super-cool lady love, Angie. Sam's a groomsman, I'm a maid, and much fun is about to be had people. MUCH. FUN.

2. Hagan turns One Years Old.
Um, hi. This kid? He's the cutest and he gets a PUPPY PARTY. Where, in a cruel turn of events, he in fact does not get a puppy. Sam and I briefly discussed finding a way to ship him one. 'Cause, you know, Uncle Sam and Auntie Kittie can do things like that. But we can't. Not really. Or Papa Phillip may never, ever, let Hagan VISIT Uncle Sam and Auntie Kittie. So we're waiting until he's five. To buy him his first baby-cita.

3. Alphabit (aka Adeline Bell Compton) is born!!!
Seriously, I can never have my own kid, I shall now be way to busy spending all our money on all the other people's kids. My plan is that Alphabit and Hagan shall one day meet and fall madly in love, thereby consolidating trips to see those I love most. And, in case you're wondering, she IS named after me. Or so I say.

4. Joyce is getting married! To Mark! In Ireland!
And we're SO GOING! *sigh* This rocks, and I cannot begin to say how much. They trekked to Kansas for us, we're totally hopping the pond for them.

5. Disney. In March. With Little Leslie.
Good times garunteed. She and Andy moved away this past fall and are now living the married life in Naples. This is very sad for me, as I miss them very very much. So Sam and I said screw that! New York in March sucks anyway! And we're headed down for a weeekend of much merriment. AND it's Les' birthday. Double bonus.

And last but not least, though I really should try to think of an even ten just cause . . .

HAWAII 2006!

There has been much planning. Much scheming and more than a little impatience. The Schambergers and Stiers shall unite for one blessed week long FAMILY VACATION IN THE TROPICS, and seriously, it doesn't get better than that.

I shall drink only colorful things in glasses involving large fruit and umbrellas. I shall wear a grass skirt AT LEAST once and shall gush over ridiculous things like tiny reptiles and gigantic flowers. And it shall be good.

Very very good.

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