Sunday, January 15, 2006

CBGB's on a Saturday Night

They're not boys, but they are pretty. And we went to hear them play this weekend. They were fantabulous - as were the bands that played with them. We had a blast. We met a whole crew of friends there and hung out a solid portion of the night - and as a testimment to how smashingly marvelous the music was, I actually made it to stumbling home at 3am. Go figure.

It was The Pretty Boys' CD release party and our friend Doug plays with them. He is, in fact,a boy. But, also, is very pretty. So he meets all requirements for the title. He'll love that I said that. But he and his wife Andrea are possibly some the best people we've met on our stint here in the big apple, and we wouldn't have missed this concert for the world.

It was my first time at the NYC landmark, and it was awesome. The crowd was awesomely diverse, and while I am pretty sure I am not as cool as I should be to go there - we were with some amazing friends and had a blast. And I didn't feel too unhip. I mean, John did wear a suit jacket.

Anyway - good music, good people, good fun. Apparently it's the magical quotient to keep me up past 10pm. Who knew?

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Sweet Sammy said...

Buy the album, go to a gig or book them for your tour/late night show. Tell them Sam sent you and maybe they'll feed me beer.

Good times!