Sunday, January 08, 2006

First Steps

So I always MAKE the resolutions and then, come the second or third week of January I lose interest, get busy - forget completely I was ever totally psyched about time management, fitness, or prioritizing my goals.

SO, in an effort to make this year the year I overcome that - today I (and Sam, god bless him) begin the Discovery Body Challenge. It's an eight-week program with meal planning and progress-tracking; all that goodness. And while initially setting it up and planning your meals is somewhat intensive - it's totally worth it. I'm not following the exercise program exactly, as I have some pretty specific and major changes I want to make, but the meal planner is awesome. I've always sucked at counting calories and it's nice to have a tool to help me do that.

On the site, Sam and I are the "Aloha Warriors". You can make teams that allow you to go see how everyone progresses and lend support (without having to enter some sort of chatroom with strange people). If you want to join, let me know - I'll send you an invite! If not, regardless, you'll be hearing more about this. I plan to update here on how I'm doing. You know, the whole accountability thing.

That and you can all tell me how slim I look next time you see me. ;)


jamie said...

Yay for the Aloha Warriors! I'd love to join in...taking the first steps are the hardest, but when you start seeing results it gets so much easier. Believe me, I'm all about accountability, especially after my month-long fudge and greasy food festival that just ended Monday!

~m said...

I just sent you an invite! Just so you know in case it ends up in your "junk mail" folder. If you join in online we can all keep track together of our progress! Or at least how much we do/don't exercise.

And, god, that sounds cheesy. But it *could* be cool!