Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Me & My Girl

I don't know how we got so lucky. She's the best baby girl ever. I never tire of her, never just want to get away. Never want to just put her down, honestly. We play all day. Even when she's sick, she's full of smiles. I've been really fighting sadness lately, but with her nearby - it can never overtake me. She's teaching me about what's important.

I think I'll always remember New York City as the place where all my dreams came true. And where every day was worth being this excited about. And where her daddy and I yelled "no! sleep! til! brooklyn!" more than we ever thought we could. I'm pretty sure that's what she's yelling here ...

But most of all, I'll remember it for feeling loved. For finding love. For being in love. For finding a way to teach love. Every Tuesday morning breaks my heart. I sort of forget I'm leaving until the alarm goes off. Then I remember, and I pray for her.

Every morning I leave I pray for her.

All those places with power. From the mountains to the sea, across and around our earth - from all the places I've touched and have touched me. I pray their power will protect her. That somehow I can leave those pieces of me behind to keep her safe. To tie her to me. I drum them up from my very center.

And then I kiss her palm.

I don't know if it works, but I do know as I shut the door behind me, I leave unwhole.


SS said...

The second pic is one of my favs... that girl is hilarious. She busted into two random giggles on the way to school today. Even sick she's highly amusing.

Ben S said...

your little one is amazingly cute. It's good to see that your genetics won out Misty! ;-)

~m said...

frighteningly, i think she and i are making the same faces - me in the top, her in the middle photo.

oh, dear. what have I done?