Friday, January 04, 2008

New Year - New Hair


SS said...

New Hari, new way to be smoking hot!

~m said...



Leslie said...

HI Love,

I am not biased and I love it. Your guy is very good.

Anonymous said...

It's a great new cut. But you realize between the prenatal vitamins and the hormones, the hair will grow out to your butt by the end of next week. Live it up while you can. Hee hee.


Jennifer said...

I just marvel at the fact that every style I see on you is perfect. That should be impossible, yet it's not.

(Though, I agree with the prenates, and am looking forward to hippie Misty!)



Jamie said...

Super cute!

~m said...


I've been blessed with a great salon - my regular hair dresser just moved, so this is the first cut with my new person. They just rock, no doubt about it.

As for Hippie Misty? Um, I don't even know if can DO Hippie . . .tho I mightn't have to - I get free touch up haircuts every two weeks. :)