Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Gods Must Know

So here I am, day two of the most awesome flu I've ever had.

As I was talking to Les yesterday about it, I had a thought that made perfect sense. The gods must know that this baby's daddy will inevitably drag it up mountains, down canyons and across rivers as soon as I let him (sooner, more than likely) - so this little one better start building endurance NOW.

So yes, sure - a few weeks of bronchitis, a week or so of flu - all while having really awesome morning sickness. . . it all suddenly makes perfect sense. This baby is in training. Unfortunately, it's taking me with it.

(And I'm pretty sure it's getting the WAY better end of the deal . . .)


SS said...

My wife and baby are no limit soldiers! World, beware.

Laurie said...

I am reading a book that is making me laugh my ass off. It also made me think of you and thought you might enjoy it. It is called "The Sweet Potato Queens' Guide To Raising Children for Fun and Profit". It covers all aspects of motherhood including pregnancy. Stay strong!