Thursday, September 14, 2006

Weight of the World

" . . .But I feel like the world's getting lighter, I swear
And I feel I'm beginning to come up for air
And I feel if I reach for the crest of the wave
I will see every answer to every prayer

Take a step back, get off the track, contemplate the universe
World's a big ball, you're feeling small, we weren't even on it first
Don't lose control, you're feeling old, that'll only make it worse
Where you can't go on, and you can't go on,
and you can't go on, and you won't go on
And you reel...and you kneel...and you deal...and you heal

And I feel like the world is my oyster, my pearl
And I feel like my wings are becoming unfurled
And I feel when I'm not standing in my own way
I will see that I don't bear the weight of the world . . ."

Happy 320,love.

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SS said...

Happy 320 babe... OH HoJos, we miss you so.