Thursday, September 14, 2006

Labor Day, finally

So I totally missed recounting our Labor Day - which as full and wonderful. Leslie and Andy were in town, which meant we (luckily) got to spend the majority of our weekend with them, enjoying our fave parts of living in the city.

On Saturday we were supposed to go see the Coney Island Hurricanes play. (That's just for you, Les) but alas, it was tempest here. After spending most of the mornign saying out loud to anyone who would listen we would NOT be rained out, we got the confirmation that in fact we had.

Lots of sadness. Apparently, GOD wasn't listening at our proclamations. So, to make ourselves feel better we fought the rian for some Ben and Jerry's ice cream and then headed to Chevy's to kill some time while we waited for more friends to join us.

Yes, that's right, we spent the first half of our day just gong from one eating establishment to another. Perfect rainy day.

One of my fave things is just sitting around with Les and Andy and talking and hanging out. I miss them horribly now that they're not here, and being able to do justthat waqs awesome. And what better way then over margaritas?

After some mexican we headed to Dave and Busters where Les ruled the school. She played this giant crane machine game and cleaned up. Sam and Andy, of course, found a variety of games where they coudl shoot people, dear lord, TOGETHER - and we met up after an hour or so to trade in our tickets and head to the movies.
We saw Little Miss Sunshine, and while if you havent' seen it all I can say is go! go now!, it lacks description. It's the best movie I have seen in a very long time, and we had the perfect people with us to see it with.

The rest of the weekend was spent lounging about, walking the city, laughing and having an in general wonderful time. We even made a trip out to Dinosuar BBQ, which is posisbly the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

This entry is only the start. I have lots more to say, but alas, my time is crunched. See next week for my entry on how much I love those two crazy Florida kids and how lonely the city became the moment they left.

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Leslie said...

We love you more!! Your are coming to Florida! Horray! And yes.. I do rule the giant Crane game! Look out kiddies...