Friday, September 01, 2006

A Quick break from Vacation . . .

to apologize for taking so long to tell this story. The past few weeks (before and after Ireland), I've been working on a pitch at work. This has equated to full 12 hour days and most weekends offerring themselves up to the gods of design. The pressure was on, not only becasue this potential client made it clear the creative was what they were imminently interested in, but because I was the lead creative on it. And, being who I am, I desperately did not want to disappoint Joyce and Jen or any of those I work with.

Well, the presentation was yesterday and it could not have gone better. I'm took yesterday afternon and today off and my boss is buying Sam and I dinner at the fancy-schmancy restaurant of our choice. So, good times.

I'll be back with the second half of our Ireland trip soon. Promise.

Til then - Happy Anniversary, Carrie and Joe. May the next 50 years bring nothing but happiness, adventure and much love.

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cgilch78 said...

Thanks Mist!
Miss you like mad!