Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

She's asleep behind me on the couch. We played hard tonight - I gave her a bath by myself for only the second time in her short life, if you can believe it. Then we played the game where we both laugh and whomever gets too tired to keep giggling first loses. . .

And now, she lies prone - limbs stretched to the four winds - behind me. She takes up the whole couch now, no room for me to curl behind. But that's okay. I like sitting here, watching her sleep. Wondering what her dreams are made of; enjoying the small smiles that spread slowly across her face. She laughed just a few minutes ago. I'd give anything to know what was bringing her such dreamland joy.

Oh, my darling daring girl. I promise that to you - I promise you joy. I promise that no mater what comes for us in the years ahead, we will live joyfully. What we gain, what we lose - it shall not matter. There will always be dance parties and laughing games and smiles in sleep.

I promise to build a world around you that is safe and peaceful - and above all, joyous.

Just like the world you've given me.

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Leslie Amick said...

You three bring me joy! I like your faces :)!!!