Monday, June 08, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweets!

I'm sure your mom will be writing one of her brilliant posts to you tomorrow, but just so it's time stamped, know that your mother and I wish you a SUPER HAPPY TEN MONTH BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Double freak'n digits... wow, time flies.

A few highlights of month 10:
- Flights 11, 12, 13 and 14. Um yeah, you travel... WELL. We're complimented constantly about how well you fly. You have it down now and love to flirt and play with every passenger who will smile at you. Traveling is in your genes and you love it.

- New Mexico! You watched Uncle Joe try to eat 50 nugs. You cheered him on. You love him so. You also got to hang with Aunt Jamie (top 10 fav person) and Uncle Ry (he's up there too) and one of your new favs, Cap'n Morgan. You're very sweet on him. Got to see Timmy B and Steph get hitched and you road tripped to Santa Fe like a champ, being only slightly annoyed by getting rear ended.

- You finally learned to crawl in the last week. But you still would rather walk with assistance or grabbing onto furniture, or anything you think will hold you. You can also sit up now and you're a rolling machine, which makes changing time ever so interesting.

- You enjoy eating big girl food but you LOVE feeding yourself. We went to Peter Lugars (NYC's top steak joint) this past weekend with Uncle Trav and you had a blast eviscerating a roll and eating your taters and chicken. You also love smoked Gouda.

- You are getting your first tooth!!! Bottom right front tooth has broken through the gums, but it's been two weeks and it's not 100% out. Your teeth really are lazy.

So yeah, it's been a huge month for you. You're babbling on and on, moving, eating, getting new body parts, it's fun times. You're insanely sweet, crazy determined, sassy and mischievous and a thinker. You figure things out like Sherlock Holmes, studying everyone and everything you come across. We love you tons and I can't wait to see what month 11 brings. Smooches my sweets.


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