Monday, June 22, 2009

Dad-Dad's day

Yesterday was father's day. A first immediate celebration in our little household. I wanted desperately to make it special. You see, watching Sam over thee last months has, in many ways, shown me exactly what being a good parent is.

He is patient and kind of course. But he is funny and goofy and utterly himself. Often, looking at him and Samaire together - it seems as if this whole parenthood thing was just God giving him a new best friend.

They are compadres, those two and have been from the very start. As ornery and stubborn as each other. As hilarious and ridiculous.

I see so much of him in her. Way past just her eyes and her coloring. She laughs like him. She's got a million looks that all say she's about to do something you probably won't like but she's doing it anyway - just like him. :)

I don't know how to explain to you what an amazingly wonderful father he is. I could tell you about how he stayed up Maire's first night - all night - so I could sleep and because she didn't want to - just talking and singing and dancing with her. Welcoming her to the world, to our lives.

I could tell you I didn't' change a diaper until she was 16 days old.

Or that I've felt this immediate and terrible need to never let her out of my sight since she was born - and how he's not only been patient with me about that, but protected it fiercely.

How he's watched tense games in absolute silence so she would sleep just ten-more-minutes. . . or how he now knows the words to so many Sesame Street songs it's insane. (And he does a killer impression of Ernie's laugh.)

But I think the number one thing is, see, she feels safe with him. When she's scared or tired or in a weird place - her Daddy's arms are where she wants to be. The world coudl be falling apart around her and she would be absolutely content - as long as her Daddy was right there with her.

You can see in her face when she looks for him (first thing every morning) or how her hands reach up to him (every second she has that she has space to walk) how much she loves him.

It glows. It surrounds her. He's her very best friend - and I couldn't be happier or more excited about that.

My Love, you are such a kick ass, awesome, fantastic father. You make me a better mama every day. You've taught me to roll with the punches, to be slightly less neurotic (we can only expect so much :) ) - but most of all you've taught me to trust myself. To trust us and our little family.

I hope you had a wonderful father's day. You deserve the best. Maire and I are blessed the world over to have you. I hope every day you feel how much we love you and how absolutely grateful we are for all you do for us every single day. You deserve a month of Father's days. Years.

I can't wait for all that's to follow.

We love you, Dad-Dad. More than words will ever be able to say.


SS said...

Thanks babe! Had a GREAT day. Love you both tons and tons. :)

Leslie Amick said...

Happy Father's Day Sam! I love all the new pictures.