Saturday, November 01, 2008

3 days late for 3 years

So I'm a few days late, love. But I'm sure you understand. Our world has been a bit crazy and caddywhompus in the most wonderful of days. Of course you managed to give me the most wonderful anniversary present and yours won't be here until Monday - but that should come as no surprise. You always are a bit more together than I am.

And, well, despite my insanity of late this anniversary has been large in my heart. I feel like just when I couldn't' love you more, I look at our daughter and my heart swells. For her. For you. For us.

You and I.

Oh sure, "we" became "three" this year.

And throughout I was frightened on how that would affect us. I mean, seriously, we had it good. And there we were purposely messing it all up by adding a whole 'nother person to the mix. A person who would (and does) demand our every second of time, every ounce of energy - every moment of attention.

And yet, we're finding ways to find each other. Sometimes it's just holding hands walking down the street, sometimes it's sneaking a kiss over her head. Most often it's curling up together in the dark, watching her together.

And that time for the two of us is growing in small, tiny amounts - but it is growing. And though the time is small - the feelings aren't. She might demand a lot - but she gives as much, and one of the biggest things she's given me is a new understanding of you.

A new, deeper love for you.

You as a father. The man who never runs out of funny songs to sing her. Who has endless energy to dance with her when she's tired. Who can make her laugh above anyone else. Who she clings to and so obviously loves. And your love for her is so very obvious. You seem to never tire. Of taking care of her, or me.

When I look at her, I see you reflected. I see your smile, your eyes. Your sheer ornery looks. And I know, I know in my heart, that what makes her so extraordinary, so sweet and wonderful is you.

And I know the same is true for me. You make me better. A better person, and most importantly, a better mother. I am, now this moment, who I am because of your endless love and support of me. Of your tireless devotion to me.

And in those moments in the dark, when your arm is around me and we whisper to each other how wonderful she is - I can't help but marvel too at how wonderful we are. How lucky I am. How proud I am that she will grow up with us as parents. Not because we know what we're doing, not because we've figured it all out. Not even because we're especially good at it.

But because we are in love. Endlessly. Madly. Deeply in love.

And always will be. Oh, my love. It was true on that windy Saturday sunset-filled evening, and it is true now.

My hand, my heart, my soul are yours. In this life and all the ones to come.

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ss said...

Love you too babe! Here's to a zillion more!