Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I collapsed last night before he made his speech. Being a full-time mom has me extra tired at about ten p.m.

I awoke this morning with the sun somehow brighter. My heart lighter.

We did it. We called for change and then made it happen.

A lot of people are upset. There are snide comments across facebook about higher taxes, socialism and what have you. I coudl go on and on about how we shoudl have been paying higher taxes these last eight years (we are at war, you know). Or snide back about the proper use of the term "socialism" - but I can't. Simply put, I won't.

I'm too in love with my country right now. Too proud of myself and everyone else who stood and voted - who saw past race and party lines and came together in the hope we could redefine America to the world, and ourselves.

I truly believe these first four (maybe eight!) years will be to the benefit of my daughter. And that makes me the most happy.

And it is that hope, that belief, that has me saying:

Thank you and good luck, Mr. Obama. You're in my prayers.

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