Thursday, October 23, 2008

More Photos!

We've been really slack on uploading photos lately, I know. And now my phone is mysteriously not mobile posting here, so we've been forced to actually download real photos - so here we are ...

I think my fave pictures are the ones of Sam and Maire sleeping together.
I mean really, does it get sweeter than this dad and his sweetums sleeping in?

The kitten likes to take naps with Maire, too.

I'm convinced her butt is filled with bean.

And, finally, to prove she actually is awake some of the time, I give you the sweetest smile in the world.
Oh, dear lord, I love her so.

P.S. Aunt Jasmin - she loves her giraffe!


Brandi said...

People, please. You're killing me here.

And it looks like S&S are crashed out after a wild party in that first pic. :-)

em said...

I love when they sleep with their little butts up in the air. Too cute! I can't wait to see her.