Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mickey's Not So Very Scary

So there we are - Maire's first trip to Disney World. We dressed up as Cruella DeVille, Jasper and Lucky. Maire had a little hood with ears - but in the rush of the camera man's directions we forgot to put it on.

Ah, well. She's adorable anyhow. We'll have more pictures soon - when I have the time to sit and download them from our camera ...

The past weekend was tiring, exhausting, stressful . . . and wonderful. Two of my bestest friends were there with their little ones and it was unbelievably fantastic to have our families running around and laughing together. Not to mention having them right there to reaffirm a lot of the decisions I've made as a mom - and of course coo over my new, precious babe.

I'll write more soon, but that precious babe is sleeping in (thank god, she was thrashed yesterday - I wasn't the only one who found this weekend exhausting) and I have clothes to unpack and put away.

But trust me - the photos to come are PRICELESS.


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Jamie said...

Okay, so you guys look ADORABLE and at first glance I didn't even know you and Sam were in costume! You are both just that fabulous in real life, as well! :)