Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pics... Round 2 (the cavity sessions)

Ok, Sam, back with more pics. These are so sweet and cute that if you haven't seen a dentist in the last six months you might want to avert your eyes. As always, enjoy!

Our New York City girl heads to her first doc apt. (All went well)

Maire meets Mr. Met.

The great ninja baby practices her Kung-Fu kicks.

She's dead Jim!

Her favorite place to crash... on Momma.

It's a hard knock life.

PS. Big thanks to Sarah B. and Jeff and Em for bringing by and sending food respectively. It's very appreciated and is already being put to good use.

1 comment:

Leslie said...

ADORABLE!!!!! Misty you are a ROCKSTAR for walking to the Dr. appointment. AMAZING!

Love you guys,
Little Leslie, Little A, and Big Andy :)