Friday, May 25, 2007

Ninth Ave. International Food Fest

So last weekend was one of greatness. I smiled so hard, so often my cheeks were sore striaght into Monday.

And the best part? We spent all of it surrounded with amazingly good friends. Most notably, John H. was in town and spent Saturday afternoon wandering the Ninth Avenue International Food Festival with Sam, Nathan and I. It was wonderful to get to catch up, share news of our lives and the mutual friends we've kept up with . . . and, well, eat amazing food as we traversed 37th thru 57th streets.

Good times.

John was determined to fully experience the fair, and I have to give him props - he did us proud. (Even stopping at a booth that sold, why yes - it says it - stuffed CABBAGE. That's not what he got, however, just to put your mind at ease . . .)

Nathan caught up with us and joined the adventure, and you can see in this pic how very happy I am about that.

A bag of zeppelies was purchased and devoured, though even in their utter deliciousness, we couldn't bring ourselves to eat the whole bag . . .

Sam and Nathan lovingly shared some chocolate covered strawberries . . .

And the NAIFF delivered once again. Delicious food and some great, great company. Despite the sprinkles of rain, we had ourselves one awesome afternoon.

And, John? Come on 'a our house anytime. It was FABULOUS having you . . . .

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JH said...


Love you. had such a great time.

Check this out. Let me know