Monday, May 14, 2007

Anxious and Excited

I'm awaiting anxiously for news today from Sam about something. . . it feels like Christmas eve as a child when you can barely think about anything else and people actually expect you to SLEEP, only people shall expect me to WORK.


Will let you share in the excitement as soon as I can.


Updated: Sam and I leave for a Southeast Asian Tour in November!

Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and China here! we! come!!!

This is the resort we shall stay in for a couple days. *le sigh*


Jen said...

And here I thought you were anxiously waiting to see if we'd come visit. I guess that trip's a close second. ;)

Leslie said...

Wow, that is amazing? Can I come? I am sure i could fit in the suit case :)

jamie said...

Two words: Lucky Ducks!