Friday, May 11, 2007

Cinco, a week late

So Sam and I headed off to Chelsea on Saturday to meet Mikki and Bazi for dinner and drinks in celebration of pastry. (Some sort of pastry war is involved in Sam's story of why we celebrate Cinco - it sounds remarkably legit , though I could not properly retell . . . )

Mikki planned it all out for us, making reservations and all. And I must say, it was FABOO. The food was delicious, and it instantly made me want to do some research on how to make some good mexican food at home.

The drinks were nice too.

Mikki and Bazi were, as always, great company. "Great company" in our vernacular meaning inappropriate dinner conversation, multiple rounds of drinks and copious decadent dessert ordering.

When we finished our awesome dinner, we decided to walk uptown back to Hell's Kitchen, and I have to say the night could not have been more perfect.

I mean, yes, sure, the weather was nice. The sun sat beautifully behind Jersey . . . but what made the night so perfect was the awesome, ghetto-tastic STREET CARNIVAL we happened upon.

Not just a street FAIR, mind you. a CARNIVAL.

With death-trap rides, fixed games and men stirring batter with which to fry every known food with their BARE ARMS.

It was trashy trashy trashy and we got inordinately excited about it. We weren't one booth in before some toothless carney got Mikki throwing darts to win a prize.

Bazi carefully picked through all the darts in the box and coached Mikki on her throw, while the old toothless man did his own coaching. It was hilarious.

But totally worth it. Twenty bucks later Mikki one herself a real fine fuzzy yellow bear.

Alas, I fell prey five booths down. But! Being the kickass team Mikki and I are, together we managed to dart enough balloons (um, aka spend more money) to upgrade to a new! better! even more fabulous! trashy prize.

Are you jealous yet? Ha. I'd like to point out Mikki gave our faboo prize to a small very sticky boy as we exited the carnival. He was crazy excited, so perhaps it wasn't quite as trashy as we thought.

Or, um, this kid's standards weren't too high.

Either way. We: too much money spent at carnival. Him: No money spent, fabulous prize.

It all worked out.

*Updated to be fair and honest about our nightly activities because my husband wants you to know how it all ended*

We did eventually make it back to th Bell Stiers nighborhood bar, The Gaf.

Where again, we tested our darts expertise. Bazi and Sam were a team, Mikki and I (in preperation for the eventual unleashing of the Free Radicals (TM) were the other.

Sadly, Mikki and I fared no better at the bar. We lost. Twice.

But it was still a super fun night. And, regardless of our problems with consistency - Mikki and I both had true moments of brilliance. We'll get 'em next time.

*end of update*

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baruna said...

great story - great night - i'm glad i was there!