Monday, July 10, 2006

Guest Blog By Sam: The Burnt ParK Boys

Went and saw some friends of ours musical in the Berkshires this past weekend. Before you think us too snobby, it was in Pittsville and if you have to ask where that is, you won't get the inside joke. Anyway, Misty and I drove up with Katy and Mike, I may now want to take them on all my road trips, because they're hilarious riding companions. The small Massachusetts mountains are beautiful and we had a blast. Between drinking cases of brew, watching naked man in action, exploding diet coke with mentos and eating at the Misty Moon diner, life couldn't have been better. Except for Misty's continuing eye troubles, but she soldiered thru as usual and had fun.

And now, to the play, which was a production of Barrington Stages, which brought us the brilliance of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Will Finn, who wrote that show, also taught Nathan and Chris (our friends) and helped them get this gig...

The Burnt PART Boys (it's actual name) is a story about 6 kids, three pre-teens and three pre-adults and their adventure to The Burnt Part of South Mountain, the location of a tragic mining accident which ten years previous took the lives of most of their fathers. Without rehashing the play (just go see the damn thing) here are my thoughts.

- First off, it rocked, I was very entertained for the whole 90 minutes or however long it lasted.
- Best song was one where Pete (our young hero) sang about his dad in ACT 1.
- Worst song was probably the Family Tree song, thou after a bit of clarifying by Nathan, I approve of it now more than I did at the time.
- Funniest song, where the older girl sings about killing her boyfriend (jokingly), I think Misty related to that one, she may sing it to me from time to time :)
- Gayest moment of the play, where the imaginary General puts Pete to bed, sometimes I think he's a little TOO close to his imaginary friends... just say'n.
- Loved the way the set moved... they had rolling ladders and chairs that became everything from rocks to houses to boats to trees to, well, ladders and chairs. The set design really put you in the mine, would have been nice to have a bit more outdoorsy feel when they're tromping through the woods, but they did a great job with the limitations.
- Really would have liked a boob joke with the little fat kid... throw me a bone Tysen.
- Good mix of comedy, fun, drama and adventure. There were audible sobs from some audience members and I believe Misty and Katy cried.
- Solid sound, but a good surround sound system with appropriate wind/water/cave/animal sounds would have made it KILLER.
- Good cast.
- Really a top-notch show. I've seen 5 Broadway shows and this in its current state was hands down better than one, and as good as two others.

With a little work, could easily be a solid Broadway show.

Good luck boys.

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jamie said...

So jealous! Sounds like you guys had a ball...Hopefully we'll get to see it (and you) in NYC!

(Shut up, we're going to come. Seriously. Stop laughing...)