Wednesday, July 05, 2006

28 Years - Happy!

Birthdays are a big deal. They’re when everyone celebrates *you.* It's your special holiday. And birthdays are cool, cause well, you cannot insist everyone laud you with good wishes and presents and time and love and all the things you want - birthdays are about the surprise that happens every year when people *want* to celebrate you. Not 'cause you asked or planned, demanded and cajoled. But because you are loved. Because there's nothing they would rather do.

At least that's how I see it. I've had big birthdays. Where I invited everyone somewhat casually - and awesome! they showed up. Birthdays that passed quietly, without fanfare. Both have been good. But even more, I am someone who LOVES other people's birthdays. I love being part of that surprise, part of that "of course I love you! Of course I love today and all it has in it cause it's YOURS!"

And that's how I feel about today. Because the most important person in my life was born today. Because today changed my life - unbeknownst to me all those years ago. Today I celebrate him and all he is; that he's here. Today is blessed to me. Because he has blessed me.

He is undeniably handsome.

He can't take a bad photo. This is because his smile is so very genuine.

He is incorrigible and stubborn.

His love for his friends and family is so great it is almost a fault. It is all encompassing and wonderful.

He insists on wearing a baseball hat any moment it is possible. I find it the ultimate sign of love for my father that he removes it whenever he enters the man's house.

He kisses me every night before he goes to sleep, and every morning when he first wakes up.

He budgets like a mad man, and yet always finds funds for shoes and sundresses for me.

He NEVER buys clothes for himself. It takes an occasion of some sort, or my incessant nagging.

He dislikes chocolate; he loves fruit.

He loves old-timey detective stories and history books.

He is sometimes hopelessly cynical, and all the times hopelessly romantic.

He adores K-State, the Mets, the Redskins and the Lakers. In that order.

He knows too much about Star Wars; I now know too much about Star Wars.

He is an amazing dancer, and even more, goes with me every chance we get.

He has never been to an opera. But will next week because it meant so much to me.

He believes in the ultimate good use of a decent pandemic.

He is slow to anger, and quick to forgive. Except in sports.

Penguins are one of his most favorite animals.

When eating a meal he really likes, he always sets aside "the perfect last bite" for the end.

He almost always knows what's going on in the world, and never makes me feel dumb when I don't.

He never teases me for not wanting to know.

He loves music and is filled with random lyrics and facts - of all genres.

He will debate you on any topic, for as long as you're willing to put up with it.

He once gave me a tiny plastic globe and promised me the world.

He, in a very very real way, has delivered. I hope someday I'll be able to do the same.

You are my mo chuisle, love.

Happy birthday.


Jen Balmer said...

I just want to say officially that I could not have picked a more perfect and wonderful wife for my friend. You both are blessed and I am so happy you found each other.

Jon Balmer said...

Wow. I can be a cynical bastard sometimes, but that was beautiful. You captured what birthdays are and why they should be celebrated with someone you love perfectly, and the details reveal exactly why you guys are perfect for one another. As a fellow writer, I hope I can summon half of the beauty you poured into this for Jen's birthday. Bravo, I say.